Privolnoye: The Light, the Oldman and the Grape

This post will content not only a historical and ethnological part, because I'm photographer, but I will also share with you a little secret of shooting portrait in case you haven’t any light modifiers on you.

Photography is...

My good friend asked me to write a short essay on "What photography is?!" topic, where I decided to philosophize a little =) "Photography…What does it actually means?!

Small motivational interview for FP

Small motivational interview for the Family Production channel we filmed at the last weekend.  In parallel, i shot a wonderful composition with fragrant cognac, chocolate and dried fruits.

Khinalyg: Visiting the descendants of Noah

After several days of planning the trip, on a rainy Sunday morning in December, we started our route to one of the most high-mountainous settlements of Azerbaijan - Khinalyg.

Deep background and the Plastic bag:

Sometimes when we shoot portraits outside the studio, we meet the problem of different exposures on the subject and the background.

Do vegetables fly?!

In Photography everything is possible because a photographers are some kind of wizards!