Photography is...

Photography is...

My good friend asked me to write a short essay on "What photography is?!" topic, where I decided to philosophize a little =)

"Photography…What does it actually means?! Wiki says that, it's a kind of visual art based on the technique of reproduction. Yes, that's right…but let's not go deeper in science, phisic,chemistry, history of origin and other booring facts that every scooler can find in Internet!
Photography…about three hundred years passed since the day of creation of first photographic image. Technique has changed, progress makes photographers with every invented gadget much happier. Every year the companies producing photographic equipment are increasingly fierce and tense struggle, no less interesting than the boxing match among the undisputed champions.. But wait, let's drop it all…

Photography is a form of art recognized a very long time ago, a way to show the world what's inside you. A photography sometimes calls the most accessible and easiest kind of art. And is it really so !?

On the one hand, it's really like that, you buy a camera, cheap or expensive, doesn't matter... you see something what makes your inner world come alive, you press the button and ... it turns out a terrible version of what you wanted to show to the world ... On the other hand, we have the same complicated form of art as, for example, oil painting on canvas or sculpture.

You just need to dig deeper. We all can be creative and ingenious, we all consist of atoms, reflections, glares, textures and etc., and all of us are surrounded by photons, actually the word gave the Photography it's name. …Photo - means light and Graphic - visualising something.

So, like any kind of art, crafts, photography is simple and easy to obtain only from first look. By purchasing a camera, you buy yourself a "brush", which you can make a person smile, cry or think, or to buy this pretty cool thing that in real life looks much worse than what that advertising photographer did on the photo.

Photography is what eventually becomes your lifestyle, whether you're photographing tourists on a boulevard, a travel or a wildlife photographer, a war photographer who opens the eyes of the world, a fashion photographer who does not get out of his studio in Milan, or an advertising photographer-perfectionist who removes dust particles from an object before presenting it in a most favourable "light."

All this guys are different with different lifes, , but they all have one thing in common: Love… love of the world, love to all we surrounded... and hard work to make themselves and the world around little bit better and «Lighter»."